Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening - $150+

Also known as thermal reconditioning or Yuko. The process was created by Japanese hair expert Yoko Yamashita. Japanese hair straightening was granted a patent in its home country in 1995, after which this technique spread throughout the world.

With Japanese hair straightening, your hair is permanently straightened with chemicals (not containing Keratin). The hair is first separated into sections, then each section is ironed, rinsed and blown-dry. Once your hair has been straightened, your hair will not go back to its frizzy or curly form, although any new hair growth will maintain the natural texture of your hair.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening - $250+

Keratin is an organic compound which is among other things the essential component of human hair. It provides hair with stronghold, shine and complex protection from inside and outside.

Brazilian Keratin is a purely natural product developed in 2006 in Brazil. It is a non-chemical preparation designed for hair regenerating and forming, primarily for a long term hair straightening. Molecules of keratin pierce into the inner hair structure and repair its damage. The results are visible immediately after application.

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